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Is Loudeyes a Mary-Sue?

Mon Feb 4, 2013, 4:08 PM
The Test

Their name is unusual for their world/time/country (3 points)
...It's your name (1 point)
...It's a normal name, just spelled differently, such as 'Dayve' (1 point)
...It's a random name you just made up, such as Ulionaka (1 point) (X) (well, the warrior's name generator did)
..It has some special significance (1 point)
...They also have a really cool nickname (1 point)

Their eye colour is unusual for their world/time/country (2 points) (X) (one does not get brown eyed cats xD)
...This colour happens to be red (1 point)
...Their eyes change colour/have any other unusual traits (2 points)
...They have odd-coloured eyed (e.g one is blue one is brown) (1 point)
...They have a 'haunting' or 'powerful' gaze (2 points)
...They are outcast/discriminated against because of it (2 points)

Their hair/fur colour and/or style is unusual for their world/time/country (3 points) (X) (AGAIN one does not get BLONDE cats)
...Their hair/fur changes colour (2 points)
...They are outcast/discriminated against because of it (2 points)

They are highly attractive to others (4 points)
...But they don't think they are as attractive as others claim (2 points)
...They look like you (1 point)
...They look how you wished you look (2 points) (cos I... really wanna look like a cat xD)
...They look similar to a celebrity (1 point)
...They look similar to an anime/cartoon character (2 points)
...They have had children, yet still have a perfect figure (2 points)

They are currently in a relationship (2 points)
...Their lover has eyes only for them (2 points)
...Their lover is abusive (-2 points)
...Thier lover is a lover you would want yourself (2 points)

They dress according to a certain sterotype (Punk, Emo, etc) (3 points)
...They dress unusually/unacceptably for their setting (2 points) (X) (she has a yin-yang necklace. Case closed lol)
...They dress how you dress (2 points) (I used to wer a yin-yang, but now I barely wear necklaces)
...They dress how you wish you could get away with dressing (3 points)

They have a noticeable scar (1 point)
...That does not detract from their overall appearance (make them less attractive) (3 points)
...In fact, it makes them seem more 'cool' or 'badass' or 'mysterious' (3 points)
...The scar has left them disfigured/undesirable (-4 points)

(For girls only) They are thin, and yet still have a large bra size (unless they have implants) (3 points)
...They have fake breasts (-2 points)

They are very strong and/or muscular, yet never work out/have a bad diet (3 points)
...Their figure does not reflect their eating habits (e.g. All they eat is junk food, they they are still in great shape)(2 points)

They are disliked/hated by jealous people for their looks (4 points)

They are of a race/species that is discriminated against (2 points)
...They are a half-breed/mix (1 point) (she's a CAT BREED mix *british shorthair and bengal breed*)
...They are discriminated against because of this (2 points)
...They campaign against this discrimination (1 point)
...They eventually abolish this discrimination (3 points)
...They try to abolish this discrimination, but fail (-3 points)

They are a half-breed, and get the best of both sides (3 points)
...They are a half-breed and get the worst of both sides (-3 points)

They have animal ears and/or claws and/or a tail (ignore if you character IS an animal) (3 points)
...They only have cat/wolf/fox ears (3 points)
...They are some kind of mutant (2 points)

There are some kind of/partly some kind of mythical creature (e.g. Vampire, werewolf, elf etc.  Ignore if they live in a world where this is common, e.g. being an Elf in the Eragon universe) (4 points)
...And they consider this to be a curse (4 points)
...But they are immune to that creature's weaknesses (e.g. A vampire immune to garlic) (3 points)
...They were made into this creature by a lover (e.g. Bella Swan from Twilight) (4 points)

They can summon any kind of creature or object at will (2 points)
...They cannot control when said creature/object appears (-1 point)

They are possessed/inhabited/bonded to a supernatural being (e.g an angel or a demon.  Ignore if this is common, such as having a daemon in the Golden Compass universe) (4 points)
...This gives them special powers/abilities (3 points)
...They consider this a curse (3 points)
...The being gives them advice/protection (2 points)
...They willingly give up this being, even though they were benefiting from being joined with them (-3 points)

They have an unusual pet for their setting (3 points)
...This pet is a wolf/big cat/fox/bird of prey (3 points)

They have unusual/opposed opinions and ideas (2 points) (X) (I have fairly alternate iews on things, toally normal on others, but hey ho!)
...They share the same views as you (2 points) (X) (well... yeah???)
...They are discriminated against for these views (2 points)
...Their opinions are scientifically/morally 'correct' (e.g. A person living in the middle ages who believes the world is round, a rich white man in the 1700's who is opposed to slavery) (2 points)
...They eventually give in and change their views/abandon their ideas (-3 points)

They begin/inspire/lead some sort of revolution or uprising (4 points)
...The revolution/uprising is successful (2 points)
...They die in the process (3 points)
...The revolution/uprising is not successful (-3 points)

They can fly (2 points)
...They have wings (2 points)
...They can fly without wings (2 points)
...They fly using a machine they created/invented themselves (2 points)
...They cannot fly in a world where flying is common (-3 points)

They disrespect/dislike authority figures (2 points) (X) *see below*
...Because they are just a rebellious character (2 points)
...Because of something that was done to them/a friend/a family member by said authority figure/s (2 points)
...They have good reason to dislike them (-1 point) (X) (Loudeyes *and myself* believe people should be masters of their own life, destiny and control, what gives others the nerve to try and rule over you? Bullsh*t to me :/)
...They openly voice their opinions about said authority figure/s yet never get into trouble (3 points) (I never voice :X)
...They openly voice their opinions about said authority figures and are punished much more harshly than necessary/is usual (3 points)

One of their parents is dead (2 points)
...Both of their parents are dead (4 points)
...Their parents were murdered/their death was unjust (3 points)
...Your character is out to avenge their death/s (3 points)
...But they do not succeed in avenging them (-3 points)
...They never knew their parents (1 point)
...They don't know it, but they are actually royalty/heir to a fortune etc (4 points)

The people they live with/the people who look after them are unkind/irresponsible (3 points)
...The people/person who looks after them dislikes/hates them (2 points)
...This hate is unjustified/unfair (3 points)

In the past has your character...
...Been abused? (2 points)
...Neglected? (2 points)
...Bullied? (1 point) (X) (more ike harsh teasing, but still leaves its mark)
...Tortured? (2 points)
...Abandoned? (2 points)
...Run away from home (without going back)?(2 points)
...Unjustly accused/punished for a crime/scandal? (2 points)
...Witnessed/caused the death of a family member/friend/lover (3 points)

Children and/or animals instinctively like them (3 points)
...Because of some power they possess (2 points)
...Because they are 'special' or ' chosen' (2 points)
...But your character dislikes children and/or animals (-3 points)

They are intelligent (2 points) (X)
...They are top of their class/profession (2 points)
...They are very modest about it (1 point) (X) (she/I deny it, the only reasn I ticked the above is cos of some IQ test in school, which tbh, is a piece of cake, it's PICTURES FFS)
...Their intelligence makes them feel isolated (2 points)
...They are a genius/prodigy (3 points)
...They are disliked/hated by jealous people for their intelligence (2 points)
...They are an inventor (3 points)
...They make a groundbreaking new discovery (3 points)
...They are famous/well respected for their intelligence/work (2 points)
...They have a big ego/are a show-off about it (-3 points)
...You would describe them as a 'troubled genius' type (5 points)

They are the best as what they do (3 points)
...Even though they are young/fairly new to it (3 points)
...They learnt a new skill that normally takes a long time to master very quickly (3 points)
...They can beat the professionals at their own game (3 points)
...They are always very modest and don't accept compliments (1 point)
...They have a big ego/are a show off about it (-3 points)
...They had to work hard for many years to become the best at it (-2 points) (X) (she had to work for years to a. lose weigh and b. become good at ALL her hobbies *not to mention required things such as hunting*)

They can shapeshift (2 points)
...They can shapeshift into a wolf/big cat/bird of prey/fox/cat (2 points)
...Then can shapeshift into anything (3 points)
...Including inanimate objects (1 point)
...But they lose this power during the story (-3 points)
...They cannot shapeshift but live in a world where it is common (-3 points)

They possess healing powers (2 points)
...These powers are strong enough to cure serious, life-threatening injuries/illnesses (3 points)
...They use these powers to save a lover/friend/family member/other important person from death (3 points)
...Although they possess these powers, they are unable to save a lover/friend/family member/other important person (-1 point)
...They live in a world where healing powers are common but do not possess them themself (-3 points)

They are telekinetic/pyrokinetic/clairvoyant/have sixth sense etc (3 points)
...They are strong in this power (2 points)
...They use this power to protect save someone important (2 points)
...They live in a world where these powers are common, but do not possess them themself (-3 points)

They can communicate with the dead/otherworldy spirits/other supernatural beings (2 points)
...They consider this to be a curse (2 points)
...They communicate with a dead lover/family member/friend (3 points)
...They gain advice and insight from the spirits/beings (2 points)

Their power/s appeared suddenly at a critical moment (3 points)

They look younger than they really are (2 points) (X) (unintentionally, she's baby-faced)
...They never age (3 points)
...They are immortal (3 points)
...They look older than they really are (-3 points)
...They are aged between 10 and 18 (2 points) (X) (roughly that for human terms)
...They are aged between 19-30 and look (1 points)
...They are aged between 31-50 and look their age (-1 point)
...They are aged over 50 and look their age (-2 points)
...They only look younger than they should because of plastic surgery (-3 points)

They have a disorder (such as bi-polar, split-personality, OCD, etc) (8 points)
...This is used to excuse much of their behaviour (5 points)
...This is used to try and gain sympathy for this character (5 points)
...They end up hurting a friend/relative/lover due to their disorder (5 points)

They have amnesia (can't remember their past) (4 points)
...They slowly begin to remember throughout the story (1 point)
...And they don't like what they remember (2 points)
...They remember that they did something terrible/something terrible happened (3 points)
...It takes one key event/person/place/etc an they remember everything (2 points)
...They never regain their memory, and never find anybody who can tell them what happened (-4 points)

They have a very good/photographic memory (3 points)
...and this does not serve any purpose in the plot (3 points)

They suffer from insomnia (2 points)
...although this does not affect their grades at school/performance at work (3 points)

They have a very bad phobia of something (2 points) (X) (wasps, purely because she never wants to be stung)
...This is due to some event in their past (3 points)
...They eventually get over it (1 point)
...It vanishes at a critical moment (3 points)
...It affects their everyday life and they never get over it (-3 points) (X) (if anything, it gets worse haha!)

You would describe them as quirky, unique, different, weird, individual etc.  (4 points)
...They never follow the crowd (2 points)
...They reject all popular music, fashion etc (3 points)
...They have weird habits that are supposedly endearing (3 points)
...Some people think they're crazy (3 points)
...They are very 'individual' (3 points)

They are good at art (4 points) (she's a cat bro xD)
...They paint (2 points)
...Their paintings/drawings/carvings etc are good enough to sell (3 points)
...They are very modest about their skill (2 points)
...You would describe them as a 'troubled artist' type (5 points)
...They are utterly hopeless at art (-1 point)
...They are a show-off (-1 point)
...They had to work hard for a long time to become good at art (-2 points)

They are good at music (4 points)
...They play a musical instrument to a high standard (2 points)
...They play more than one musical instrument to a high standard (Ignore if these are similar instruments such as a Trumpet and a Flugelhorn, or a Guitar and a Ukelele)(4 points)
...They play the flute, harp, drums, and/or the guitar (2 points)
...They sing in tune, with a nice voice (2 points)
...They are a virtuoso (4 points)
...They compose music/songs (2 points)
...These compositions are good enough to be published(4 points)
...They are very modest about their skill (2 points)
...They are a show off (-1 point)
...They had to work hard for a long time to become good at music (-2 points)

They are good at writing/poetry (4 points)
...They are writing/have written a novel (2 points)
...This novel is good enough to be published (4 points)
...They write poems (2 points)
...These poems are 'emotional' and 'deep' (3 points)
...These poems are good enough to be published (4 points)
...They are modest about their skill (2 points)
...They are a show off (-1 point)
...They had to work hard for a long time to become good at writing (-2 points)

(ignore these next few questions if your character does not attend school)
They are top of their class at school (2 points)
...Even though they do not try/work very hard (2 points)
...They are top of their class, but have to work hard to get/stay there (-2 points)
...They could be top of their class, but don't try art school (-1 point)
...They do badly at school (-2 points)
...Even though they try (-2 points)

(ignore these next few questions of your character does not have a job)
They have an exciting and/or unusual job (2 points)
...They have a job you wish you had (2 points)
...They hate their job (-3 points)
...They did not willingly choose their job (-2 points)

They have a curse upon them (3 points)
...They never manage to break the curse (-3 points)

They are part of a prophecy (3 points)
...They are central to said prophecy (4 points)
...They never fulfill the prophecy (-2 points)

They were born on an important date (e.g. The Summer Solstice, New Year's Eve etc) (3 points) (X) (St. Patrick's day. GUINESS WOOO!!!)
...This has significance in the story (2 points)

They have a sibling from whom they were separated at birth (2 points)
...This sibling is an identical twin (3 points)
...This sibling was separated for a reason (2 points)

They have a 'special' or 'different' type of soul (3 points)
...They have the wrong body for their (e.g. A human with an animal soul) (3 points)

Their parents/guardians are very restrictive (2 points)
...For no apparent reason (2 points)
...Because they have outdated views/do not 'understand' your character (3 points)

They are 'random' and/or 'hyper' (5 points) (with age, she's mellowed. Excitable ad happy yes, but not stupidly random ;))

They smoke/chew tobacco (-1 point)
...And never break the habit (-2 points)
...But never get any of the bad health affects such as yellow teeth and fingers, emphysema and cancer (3 points)
...They do get these bad side effects (yellow teeth, cancer etc) (-3 points)

They are an alcoholic (-2 points)
...They spend more than they can afford on alcohol (-2 points)
...Their habits drive away their relatives and friends (-3 points)
...And they suffer the ill-health affects associated with excessive drinking (-2 points)
...Depsite their alcoholism, they do not lose any friends or suffer side-affects (4 points)

They are overweight (not just a little bit chubby, I mean properly overweight)(-2 points)
They are obese (-4 points)
They stay overweight/obese throughout the whole story (-3 points)

They are addicted to either legal or illegal drugs, or solvents (-3 points)
...They spend more than they can afford on these drugs (-2 points)
...They lose friends and estrange relatives because of their habits (-3 points)
...They suffer the side effects of these drugs (-3 points)
...They remain addicted throughout the story (-2 points)
...Even though they are addicted to these drugs, they don't lose any friends or suffer side-effects (4 points)

They are irritable, grumpy and have a short temper, and remain this way throughout the story (-3 points)

They are a bully (-2 points)

They are emotionless (-2 points)


SCORE = 22

30 or Less- In the Clear
If your character scored here, then well done!  Your character is most likely well-balanced, and believable.  If your character is scoring in the upper end of this category you may want to just adjust and tone down a few aspects, but overall it should be fine.  Don't worry about your character scoring too low; there's nothing wrong with that.

31-41- Borderline Sue
If your character is scoring around here, you've got some work to do.  Your character is getting into Sue territory here, so I would advise a critical look at your character, asking yourself if each trait they have is really necessary, and looking for places where you can tone them down.  But they're not a hopeless case, and with a good amount of critical analysis and toning down, they should be ok.

42 or More- Mary Sue
Now, there are varying degrees of Sue above this, but the fact that your character has fallen into the category is the main issue.  Of course to get a good, believable and interesting character you have a long way to go.  Depending on how far gone your character is, they may not even be recognisable as their former self when you have worked on them sufficiently.  My advice would be to take good, very harsh look at your character.  Get rid of and re-do as many things as you can without ruining the plot, and then re-take the test and see where they fall.  If they are still classed as a Mary Sue or as a Borderline Sue, you may also want to reconsider your plotline and the world that they live in.  Failing that approach too, I would just start again.

Good old Loudeyes, Beautifully boring <3

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